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CAPERS Integrated Software

CAPERS Integrated Software was created to change the way agencies perceive software companies and how they do business. Flexible and feature-driven CAPERS Integrated Software suite includes CAPERS CAD, RMS, Mobile, Fire, Jail, Court, Mapping, Enhanced Property & Evidence and Reporting.

CAPERS CAD (Computer-Aided Dispatch) streamlines critical data to help drive rapid response with informed efficiency. Departments have the flexibility to create custom SOPs based on situations.
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CAPERS RMS (Records Management System) This powerful centralized database serves as the hub to all CAPERS modules and is user-enhanced to ensure accurate data entry. Equipped with more than 30 standard features, CAPERS RMS is not only a powerful tool for data management, it's easy-to-use! Find out more

CAPERS MOBILE With a large, simplified interface to make data entry and retrieval quick and efficient, CAPERS MOBILE CAD/RMS provides officers with complete access to all police record information in the field and real-time field reporting Find out more

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CAPERS FIRE is built as an all-inclusive solution; ensuring first responders have all of the tools necessary without the complexities of having to pick and choose modules. With direct integration with CAPERS CAD and CAPERS MOBILE, your department will quickly and efficiently receive all critical information from dispatch. Find out more

Expanded Technology Services
In addition to our full software suite, CAPERS offers additional services tailored to each agency’s unique needs, such as Hosted RMS; a flexible option for smaller agencies without the overhead cost of obtaining hardware and BCaaS (Business Continuity as a Service) for agencies in areas hit by hurricanes and other ‘planned’ emergencies, BCaaS allows continual operations. Find out more about CAPERS' Services

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