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CEO Awarded Sole Ownership of CAPERS


MOKENA, IL (May 7, 2015) – CAPERS®, a top-tier public safety software and technology solutions provider located just outside of Chicago, IL, is announcing that its President & CEO, Reed Konnerth, is now the sole owner of CAPERS.

Konnerth joined CAPERS in 2007 as the Director of Sales & Marketing and immediately began developing a customer-focused sales team to further the company’s vision. During this time, Konnerth led the expansion of CAPERS as a national software provider, tripling the size of the company within 3 years. But it was Konnerth’s strong focus on customer service initiatives that lead him to be named Chief Executive Officer in 2014.

Konnerth attributes CAPERS successful expansion from a local vendor to a national competitor due to its focus on the needs of end-users.

“More than anything, we knew there were public safety folks whose voices went unheard across the Country when it came to [public safety] software. Our success is a direct reflection of the thousands of officers, dispatchers, firemen and women who have bought into the CAPERS mission. We have built, and are continuing to build software in response to the direct feedback we receive from those individuals.”

CAPERS had been owned and operated by Intelligent Solutions, Inc., a Chicago-based IT consultant firm with four shareholders. In a recent decision deemed to be in the best interest of the company, its clients and its employees, the shareholders were able to reach a mutually beneficial agreement in allowing CAPERS to split from its Parent company, giving Konnerth sole ownership of CAPERS.

“First and foremost, I can not thank the employees of CAPERS enough for truly believing in what we are setting out to do in this industry. Our employees are by far the most committed to public safety and strive daily to determine how we can better serve those who protect us. Without their commitment, CAPERS would not be the rising star it is in the industry.” Konnerth stated.

“This decision gives CAPERS the opportunity to continue disrupting an industry that is plagued with poor customer service and over-inflated pricing. We can now expand on our vision to bring the latest in public safety technologies to agencies of all sizes, at an affordable price, with exceptional customer service.”

“I want to thank the current CAPERS clients across the Country for their commitment to us and look forward to getting back out to thank them personally. And to those who have yet to experience the CAPERS difference: Let us show you how listening to your agency makes all the difference!”

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