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CAPERS Markets

For over 10+ years, CAPERS software has provided integrated, cost-effective software solutions to public safety agencies and departments of all sizes, nationwide. Developed by working directly with the professionals that use it, CAPERS’ innovations are still driven by direct customer feedback to this day.

From dispatch and field officers to investigations, records, corrections and command staff, CAPERS’ integrated software solutions for police and law enforcement are built to streamline communications and centralize data management and access. Find out more

Streamline data management and communications for your community with CAPERS’ robust and powerful records management system. Our fully integrated suite of software is designed to centralize public safety information, making access readily available to those who need it.
Find out more

From first responders to command staff, dispatch to investigators, CAPERS FIRE is built to compile and share much-needed information quickly and efficiently. This all-in-one module provides all of the functionality necessary to help protect the community at one, cost-effective price. Find out more

Seamlessly integrated with all of the CAPERS software suite and built on CAPERS RMS, CAPERS Jail Management Solutions are customized to follow your department’s process and designed to streamline inmate population management. Real-time reporting and readily available correctional facility data ensures that everyone, from officers to booking agents, is operating from the same information. Find out more

Expanded Technology Services
In addition to our full software suite, CAPERS offers additional services tailored to each agency’s unique needs, such as Hosted RMS; a flexible option for smaller agencies without the overhead cost of obtaining hardware and BCaaS (Business Continuity as a Service) for agencies in areas hit by hurricanes and other ‘planned’ emergencies, BCaaS allows continual operations. Find out more

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