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About CAPERS Software

Passionate about customer service and experienced in both public safety and technology, CAPERS’ employees are committed to providing the best service possible, by listening and responding to our customers’ needs. Our purpose is to provide easy-to-use, flexible software for agencies of all sizes, with the highest level of customer service. Built by working directly with public safety professionals, CAPERS continues to innovate based on direct feedback from the agencies that use our software.

How is CAPERS Different?

  • CAPERS commitment to simplifying our agencies' process is is unmatched. CAPERS' employees are in our agencies constantly; listening to and responding to our customers’ needs. It’s why we offer added benefits like standard servers, training and installation at no-charge. Why pay more to learn about the software you already paid for?
  • CAPERS is site-licensed, so you receive one, all-inclusive price, no matter how many devices your agency is running. CAPERS’ pricing is upfront with absolutely no surprises, and we like it that way. In fact, every CAPERS’ client that is part of our Maintenance Agreement receives all updates and upgrades. There is no need to repurchase any software.
  • CAPERS is committed to the industry. CAPERS employees pride ourselves in giving back to the communities that our customers protect. Whether we’re supporting a community event, charity promotion, or working to keep our software cost-effective and within reach of all agencies, CAPERS commitment to the public safety sector is apparent in all aspects of our culture.
  • "At CAPERS, we believe we can provide the best software to public safety agencies by listening and responding to our customers. It’s how CAPERS began over 10 years ago, and it’s how CAPERS’ innovations are driven to this day."

    -Reed Konnerth, CEO, CAPERS

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